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12 July 2011 @ 02:09 am
Been meaning to post this.  
Right now, there is a couple with bad finances who have just had a new baby. They reassure themselves that God Will Provide.

Right now, there is a woman who just got married to the man of her dreams. They are thanking God for giving them each other.

Right now, there is someone who was recently bankrupt due to his business failing. He is wondering why God has forsaken him.

Right now, there is someone who was recently bankrupt due to his business failing. He is reassuring himself that God is testing him.

Right now, someone is comforting another by telling them that God only gives us what we can handle.

Right now, someone is being raped. She is terrified that she will contract an STD or get pregnant. Or both. She's praying to God that neither of these things happen.

Right now, another person was raped. She is pregnant and has contracted AIDS and both genital and facial herpes. She's wondering why God allowed this to happen.

Right now, a 7-year-old boy is having all of his teeth knocked out so he can suck on the cocks of men who pay his parental figure enough money. The boy isn't thinking about God, but the parental figure might be.

Right now, someone won the lottery. They are thanking God for his blessing.

Back in the early days of God, or otherwise known as Yahweh and by many other names, he wasn't an all-benevolent deity. He was the force behind all of existence, all of unity, all of separation, all of everything. He was the reason behind every good thing and every bad thing that happened to people. This concept was changed, and God was considered the being behind all good things, and Satan and every other religious deity aside from the Judeo-Christianity umbrella were the ones who did all the bad things to people.

In other words, God is Satan, Satan is God. Two sides of the same coin. Everything is God's fault, everything is God's doing, everything is God's blessing.

The big question is, then, and always has been... is why. Why doesn't everyone get the equal blessing? Why don't good entities, either God or any other benevolent spirit, try to rescue the 7-year-old? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do good things happen to bad people? Where is this thing called karma and why is it on permanent break? I refer to the western definition of karma where people assume that since someone does a bad thing, they'll get divine punishment in this lifetime somehow.

Why is it that pagans can practice magick and get the results they want? Why does it sometimes fail? Why does it sometimes manifest soon, and sometimes manifest ten years from when the spell was initially cast?

What about the Wiccans who have their three-fold law? Who gets to decide whether their spell was good or not? What if the spell was to find and kill bin Laden? What if the prayer to God was to find and kill bin Laden came true? Then what about those who prayed to Allah to kill the United States? Did their prayers fail? I bet some are concluding that Allah is a false idol and are calling Moslems fake.

What if the prayer to kill bin Laden worked, but then the United States was bombed into oblivion due to enraged countries attacking out of retaliation? Did the prayer to Allah come true, then?

Are the atheists right? Is there no God?

Are the deists right? There is a God, but we are on our own?

Is Nietzche right? Did we kill God?

Is the absolute truest blessing, then, death? To reach sweet Oblivion where we never have to suffer, but at the same time, never feel joy? Is the blessing to join your ancestors on the other side, in Heaven? In Valhalla? In the Summerlands? The Underworld? Is it a curse and we go to Hell, or worse, we are immediately reincarnated back onto this Earth where we once again join the great Universal gambling game?

Or what if... shit happens, there is no God, we have to take care of ourselves?

How about... shit happens, we don't have to accuse it on being divine intervention, and we have to take care of ourselves?

Believe in nothing? Believe in everything? Be agnostic and allow your enlightenment to come on it's own, with no rules, blank slate, accept and study, ask questions, be skeptical but not to the point of unwilling to believe anything?

Schrodinger's Cat, anyone? Can we assume that since we don't know it, that it is everything and nothing at once until we finally see it for ourselves? Will we ever see it for ourselves?

This is the churning that happens in my head. When people ask me my religion, I give them a different name almost every time. Sometimes I say a name for a while, then I'll change it. For no reason other than exploring each and every intricate question I have about the universe. This is my secret. I always come back to where I was before after traveling through something like Satanism, or atheism, or Judaism, or Buddhism. Or something else entirely, with no name. The conclusion I always reach is that in the end, it doesn't matter. But I sure do have an adventure and learn a lot, have fun, cry, laugh... then start over.
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